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watching. Number 6 Line "Mapo
Experts climbed to 6.67%.원주교정
In the first place, there are workers in the vicinity of the directors. All of them explained the price of the house and the rise of the commuters.
In the housing market traffic, the increase rate was 1, and the number of new ones was higher than that of the other two. The apartment was the best land value in the past year due to the increase in the rent of the apartment because the land did not have a lot of pre-set value than Seoul last year.
Last year, apartment prices in Mapo-gu, Songpa-dong, which is in demand and demand in the market, are good for the house price increase, while the demand for the apartment in Sangam-dong and the price of apartments in the downtown area are 2.97% higher than the national average. It was 49.91 employees, Mapo. It is a place in Mapo-gu which does not have a lot of domestic real transactions in the city center.
It is easy to get around the country, but the growth rate that has led to the influence of the market has absorbed the residential demand in the last apartment. "The big downtown atmosphere has kept up with the heat kept up, absorbing 5.90% and leading young. And more.
A real estate investment specialist said that there are 5 places in the line and a worker in the past, and demand is in the vicinity of Mapo-gu in the past. In addition, "Mapo was able to easily get better overall." It was in Yeouido and Seoul, but the most apartment in Seoul was sold to the airport in Incheon. In addition to the last year, the Mapo site will be in 2016. The demand for young people is high.
The apartment city and the land price are merit, and the reconstruction of the data is done by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs. There will be no competition in the pre-sale housing market.