Jim said that it gave him a turn to hear a buck nigger talking like that, but it took him and the Guv’nor all their time to keep Schwartz from using his nails on the man’s eyes. Then the two began to shout at one another, and it appeared that all the trouble arose about a thing called a ju-ju, which the black man said Schwartz had stolen from his people, a tribe on the Upper Niger. Anyhow, the Guv’nor marched his captive back to the house, and Schwartz rushed upstairs. He [Pg 36]tore down again, more like a lunatic than ever, as the ju-ju had gone from the dressing-case in which he had left it.

He searched the negro, and was almost ready to cut him open in 카지노사이트 case he had swallowed it, but the ju-ju was not in the man’s possession. Then he went out with Jim and the lantern, and hunted every inch of the drive and shrubbery, but could find nothing, though it was easy enough to discover the place where Dan had brought down his highness.

The odd thing was that he refused to send for the police, and the more certain it became that the ju-ju was missing, the more jubilant grew Prince John’s face as he sat in the hall. At last, there was nothing for it but the nigger must be set at liberty. Schwartz wanted the Guv’nor to lock him up all night. Of course, that could not be done, as Surrey isn’t West Africa, and the Old Man had come to the conclusion that there was not much in the dispute between them, anyhow.