“I think I might tell you something about [Pg 43]it,” broke in Tibbie, backing down Bob’s mane and settling on his withers again.

“Well, go on,” said Minkie, bending a bit, so as to watch Tibbie’s green eyes.

“It’s a long time ago since I had the story from a blue Persian.”

“Cookie has some liver in the larder.” You see, Minkie knew her cat.

“Has she? I was out when the butcher came.”

“Yes. It’s liver and bacon for breakfast 먹튀검증 in the morning. And SOLES!”

P-r-r-r, you could feel Tibbie’s fur rising.

“I’ll try to remember,” she said in a rather thick voice. “It seems that we cats used to be worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. The cat deity was named Elurus, and we were also venerated as a symbol of the moon—”

I couldn’t help it. Even Bob coughed, and then pretended to be chewing hay. But, because I laughed, Minkie clouted my ear.

“The Romans always placed a cat at the feet of the Goddess of Liberty; they realized that no animal resists the loss of its freedom so furiously as a cat,” continued Tibbie in her [Pg 44]best purr. “That is why you never see a cat wearing a collar, the badge of servitude, like a dog.”

Wow! I’ll give her “servitude” next time I have a chance. “Like a dog!” indeed.

“What has all this got to do with a ju-ju?” asked Minkie.