Thank you Cherry, You are a beacon of light in this dark jungle of dating!
This is the funniest but one of the most painful selfdestructive behaivor in people.
Not enough self love , feeling so vulnarable .BUM! the bombs go off.
I done it , for me is the demands, I spelled them out and if he does not come to then in time frame , off with his head, not really ,but close! hahahhaa! Not to a certifiable extend but good enough to be said, 'what the hell is the woman thinking?"
I meet a man that I was taken back how much I like him and how much my body likes him! and I did my speacial screw up number on him and of course , he did what any normal male will do; run for the hills and hide. He stop all communication and I let it sit like that,. I did realiazed that you have let go and let the time pass, now I know is a 8 weeks frame. Thanks Cherry.
In my case the time passed, and he did reach out , not to extend I wanted, but we are now gently developing a friendship where we just allow a friendship between us. I am helpfull and available as a friend. He is now began to see I am not crazy and that there is so much beauty and virtue in me.
It is also clear between us that I want monogamy and a committment to be together{ if we are going to come together again} SO when he is ready to do this he has to now show me, and court me again. As difficult as this is , I am staying still, for I know he is a quality man.
Wish me luck girls!!!