I know most of you can’t turn on the news without hearing about Nadya Suleman. In case you don’t know the name, she’s the newly publicized mother of octuplets (8). After I released a few choice words towards the TV, I was in for a real shock. Her story becomes more and more disturbing for many reasons that I can’t list here. But I will compare her life/story to another one family I’ve become familiar with via the TLC Channel. The show Jon & Kate plus 8 is much different from Ms Suleman’s pipe dream.

Jon and Kate are a married interracial couple. Jon is Asian American and Kate is white. They make a beautiful couple and have large family. How large? They have a total of 8 kids. They have one set of twins and they have sextuplets (6), for a total of 8 kids. I’ve watched their show a couple times and the overwhelming thought of, “Oh Dear God” comes to mind. With 2 full time parents in the house, it’s a mad house. It’s beyond anything I can imagine. Jon and Kate wanted to have one more child, possibly two and before you know it they had sextuplets. They lived a very normal life. They were very independent and a self sufficient family.

jon and kate gosselin

I’ve heard Kate discuss how life was for the 1st two years of their life. She had scheduled feeding times at 8, 12,4 and 8. It was 24/7. She also mentioned that she only had less than a hour each day to make phone calls and to spend with the older twins. According to her recollection, her peaceful time of the day was the 15 minutes she ate a sandwich on the patio. And for two years she didn’t leave the house. She had over 50 friends and family that helped 24 hours a day while Jon continued to work to support the family.