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Certified Satellite Installer

Certified Satellite Installers help customers choose services, following which they install and maintain it for them, providing that they can avail uninterrupted satellite services. Following the arrangement, the installer mounts the dish, aims it, and connects it to the modem of the television or satellite within the client’s premises. The individual then tests it to see if it is functioning correctly.

Educational qualifications and requirements for Certified Satellite Installers

Employers while hiring Satellite Installers look for candidates with post-secondary degrees in telecommunications or electronics. Satellite Broadcasting & Communications Association (SBCA) offers few certifications for aspiring installers.

On the other hand, the Electronics Technicians Association (www.eta-i.org) offers certification in the Certified Satellite Installation (CSI). In the CSI test, capabilities of installing small and large satellite dishes are assessed, besides in antenna systems, commercial satellite installations, and signal distribution, as well.

A digital home technology integrator (DHTI) certification is also offered for installing satellites. Aspiring satellite installers must pass employment drug tests, and background checks before they are ready to be hired. They could be subjected to regular drug testing after they are hired. Installers driving records also need to be clean.
Certified Satellite Installers’ earnings

The average Certified Satellite Installer Salary in the United States is $41,167 per year, according to payscale.com. As freelancers, they can earn $15.57 per hour.