Wazobet Affiliate is a well-structured program that will reward anyone who chooses to engage with Wazobet online sports and casino platform Affiliate network. The goal is to optimize the efficacy of its high-quality product through advertisement and traffic monetization for the affiliates. Wazobet Online Casino This Wazobet Affiliate Program is intended to maximally benefit both Wazobet and the Affiliates mutually.

I can almost assure that it's one of the industry's best and most innovative solutions for an Affiliate program in the Gambling industry. So, you will need to follow this comprehensive guide to getting started as an affiliate.

Simple steps to being an affiliate of Wazobet:
STEP 1: Visit affiliate.wazobet.com, locate and click the sign-up button from the homepage. Enter your chosen login username, email address, skype and phones number is also requested but optional. Submit the form!

STEP 2: The next page will request which platform you will like to run your Affiliate program with, provide answer into the form. When your request to join has passed through the right moderation, you will be given approval.

STEP 3: Next will be to set up a promo-link which is critical. Simply go to the "Promo" section and select which PROJECT TYPE you want, LANDING PAGE and PROMO-MATERIAL to use.

STEP 4: Copy and paste a link to the website that you made. This link will display if traffic to Wazobet is actually coming from your website.

STEP 5: The tab "STATISTICS" makes it easy to track your earnings. There is a table showing how many people were impressed by your PROMO Link, and how many many people also joined Wazobet by your LINK. Amount earned is also specified there.

STEP 6: When you want to withdraw your earnings, please visit the section titled 'PAYOUTS.' Here, after selecting the payment method and creating the payment order, you can click the 'Order' button to finalize withdrawal. These earnings are usually paid out the beginning of each month.

It is awesome to make you realize that the backend of Wazobet Affiliate is a team of professionals with several years of experience in the gambling field. You will also always receive exclusive offers, maximum profit and the support service is always there to take your enquiries.