President Andrews of Brown University writes, accepting invitation to attend the meeting in Providence, R. I., on the 21st instant.
1898. April 19.
Letter written by Harvey Wheeler, chairman of the selectmen of historic Concord, Mass., sending hearty greetings to the participants in the meeting under the auspices of the Society 안마사구인구직 on the 21st instant.
1898. April 20.
Hon. John H. Stiness, a justice of the Rhode Island supreme court, sends regrets that he cannot attend the meeting on the 21st instant.
1898. April 21.
Ninth meeting of the Society’s Council is held at the Narragansett Hotel, Providence, R. I. Letter read from Hon. Eli Thayer, Worcester, Mass.
1898. April 21.
In the evening, following this Council meeting, a reception and banquet was given the Council by the Rhode Island members of the Society, at the Narragansett, Providence. Dennis Harvey Sheahan of Providence presided.