So clearly, I am still up the duff as I'm able to write this blogpost. One more full day to go and after that I have reached my due date. So much for popping early....unless I pop tomorrow, there are an awful lot of people who shouldn't be dashing to take up jobs as Mystic Meg...

My ma called me today to ask if I was keeping the date that the baby was arriving a secret from her. Seriously, I think my ma really does smoke crack. Has she forgotten that she was pregnant with 4 different children? Does she not remember getting a 'due' date? Did she actually give birth to us or are we someone else's kids? I have told her my due date hundreds of times, yet I had to explain it again. Seriously, how can someone forget that their about to be a grandmother?

Then...brace yourself she told me that when I'm in hospital that G (her 'boyfriend' whom she brought to my babyshower) would accompany her. Cue tumbleweeds.... "Er, that would be a he-yell no!" More silence... "But why?" she asked petulantly. "Hmmm, let me see...I'm going to be in hospital for one, maybe two nights. I don't know G and you know what? Just after I have endured the agony of pushing the baby out of my va-jay-jay is not the time for you to be turning this into the Ma and G show. I shouldn't even have to EXPLAIN!"
She responded with "Oh...sometimes I need things to be explained..."