i found a 20 on the sidewalk two weeks ago. there it was, nicely folded as if it had just dropped out of someone’s pocket. i stopped in front of it, looked around (waiting to see if someone would retrace their steps to reclaim it) and then stooped to pick it up and put it in my purse. of course, it’s not like finding a wallet, but i wondered if i should have made more effort to find its owner.

there was an office poll about this same matter – finding a wallet and whether or not you would return it – and the majority of people said they wouldn’t keep it (or at least, the money). i say bullshit. don’t ask me what i would do…i’m all for lending a hand, helping out the old and infirm, holding doors and being courteous and whatnot, but money is money…and depending on what my financial state is at the time, i might not be so inclined to be kind.

but i tend to surprise myself a lot, and i have a full bank account right now, so… :-)