Goodbyes used to be easy for me. Endings meant new beginnings, and I’ve always thrived on discovering the new. The folks who’ve meant the most to me have always stayed in my life in some way, even if only through letters and phone calls. Leaving situations I liked, jobs for instance, was tough sometimes, but I always knew exhilarating change was on the horizon.

But as I get older, goodbyes have become more difficult. New beginnings still follow endings, but I’m having more trouble leaving behind the good parts of my life; maybe because as I mature, I’m bringing more meaningful activities into my life and loving people more deeply.

This blog has been one of my more meaningful ventures and I have been introduced to some amazing people through it. But it is time to say goodbye. At least, for now.

I started Tart and Soul more than two years ago in an effort to market myself as a writer. My agent was shopping around a novel, branded “women’s commercial fiction,” and I thought a blog focusing on relationships would help build my platform. The blog soon became much more than that. Writing these posts helped me sort out challenges in my personal life and in the lives of my friends. It helped me navigate a sometimes bizarre, often cruel, often inspiring popular culture and gave me an opportunity to express myself and be heard.

Even more importantly, I’ve heard from my readers, a bunch of smart, thoughtful, funny, fantastic folks. Reading their comments and getting their letters has been as enriching to me as writing these posts.

Unfortunately, my agent was unable to sell my novel to publishers. The upside to this disappointing news was realizing I now had the opportunity to return to my real love as a writer: literary fiction. Last year, I applied to grad school and have just begun a Creative Writing MFA program. I am madly in love with this program because in it, I’m getting back to myself as a creative writer and a critical reader of great literature.

But as you can imagine, grad school doesn’t leave much time for anything else. As much as I enjoy writing the blog and hearing from my readers, now is the time to buckle down, do my schoolwork and write another novel. The fact that I haven’t been able to post this goodbye note in four weeks should speak to how busy I am. Although, I am happy to admit there’s no greater feeling than being busy as hell doing something you love.

You will hear from me again – there will be books, articles, and perhaps even a return to this blog, Tart and Soul. In the mean time, please keep in touch by following me on Twitter and liking my author’s page on Facebook. If I start the blog up again, you’ll hear about it there: